Wine Cooler Reviews

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A wine cooler is a specialized unit which is a little warmer than your normal refrigerator ideally set at 55 degrees F for storing wine. It’s a great investment for anyone who appreciates fine wine. For your wine to mature in a proper way, you need to ensure to have the right temperature, humidity, light and position. Bottles of wine should not be in a dry, heated environment, but just kept cool, still, dark and sideways. Whenever you are storing wine for future consumption, it is best to store it in a safe place. Though there are a few ways that you can store wine like wine cellars or a professional storage company which can turn out to be expensive, there is nothing more affordable and efficient than using a wine fridge in the comfort of your own home or office.

Wine Refrigerator Reviews

We’ve created a chart of best wine coolers in various categories that can hold 8 to 18 wine bottles along with their detailed reviews that follow. If you’re a starter and looking for a wine cooler, you could opt for one of the below keeping in mind your capacity requirements

Wine Enthusiast

Bottle Capacity1816128
Cooling TypeThermoelectricThermoelectricThermoelectricThermoelectric
No. of ZonesDual ZoneSingle ZoneSingle ZoneSingle Zone
Digital ThermostatYesYesYesYes
Slide Out ShelvesYesYesYesNo
Door GlassSmokedDouble PaneDouble PaneDouble Pane
Reversible DoorNoNoYesNo
Temperature Range46F - 66F
(Lower Zone)
54F - 66F
(Upper Zone)
52F - 64F54F - 66F46F - 64F
LED LightYesYesYesYes
Door LockNoYesNoNo
Height x Weight x Depth37.5 x 9.75 x 20.2519 x 17.1 x 1925.25 x 10.25 x 21.2516.15 x 9.78 x 18

Wine Enthusiast 18 Bottle Slimline Wine Cooler

wine enthusiast 18 bottleThis slimline wine refrigerator from wine enthusiast is a free standing unit with exterior digital temperature controls. It has a 18 bottle capacity which is split among two zones that makes storing your Red and White wines easy.

It uses the thermoelectric technology which ensures minimal usage of electricity, reduction in noise and eliminates excess vibration that can impact the quality of your wine. The unit comes with 7 slide out shelves that are made of chrome along with an interior LED light

This product has a very attractive design for narrow spaces which has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 on thereby making it one of the best in the 18 bottle capacity coolers

Whynter 16 Bottle Wine Refrigerator

This 16 bottle capacity single zone cooler can be used to store your Red or White wine bottles as this fridge has a great temperature range that varies from 52 – 64F. It has a sleek cabinet that is made up of platinum.

whynter 16 bottleThe thermoelectric technology along with the double paned glass door make it the best in its class to ensure your wine retains its character and quality at all times.  This freestanding unit comes with a door lock to as added feature.

This cooler is just right for the budget conscious wine connoisseurs who want a unit that does the job well along with offering a great design adding to the overall feel of your home or office.

Reviews an show that most of the customers are satisfied after purchasing this unit and gave it an overall rating of 3.75 out of 5.

Koldfront 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Fridge

koldfront 12 bottleThis slim wine chiller from Edgeware has a 12 bottle capacity and a reversible door which lets you decide which way you would like the door to open.

This unit is known to be extremely quiet and does a good job at maintaining the desired temperature for wine storage. Designed for space management and made up of double pane glass.

The temperature for this unit ranges from 54-66F and comes with an interior LED lighting that illuminates wine for display.

A quiet and efficient product that offers value for money. The overall rating of 4 out of 5 on makes it a good buy for the price

Haier 8 Bottle Wine Chiller

haier 8 bottle coolerThis free standing wine chiller allows you store 8 bottles of your favorite wine. Being a single zone, you can either store your Red or White Wine. It comes with tinted glass, LED light & exterior temperature controls.

The unit is powered with thermoelectric technology which unlike a compressor system is vibration free.

This product is just right for one who does not want to store a lot of wine bottles & invest a lot of money in their wine coolers. It’s a basic 8 bottle cooler that does it’s job of storing wine bottles of a reasonable size at the right temperature.

A good designed appliance that will easily fit in any small place and add an aesthetic feel to your home or office. Customers on rate this as 4.5 out of 5 and are very satisfied with their purchase, thereby making it the best product in it’s class

Wine Cooler Buyers Guide

Below is an infographic that gives you information on how to prioritize your features during the selection process. We sincerely hope you enjoy it!


Choosing a Wine Refrigerator

Everyone wants the best for themselves! The same goes for a wine cooler too – you need to make an informed decision before purchasing one. Despite the number of offerings and information available in the market, you can get unsure and cannot help but wonder which wine fridge will be best for you and your wine. Below we’ve listed down a few questions that you should ask yourself before getting that storage appliance:

1. Storage Capacity & Needs

Capacity refers to the number of wine bottles you intend to store in this cooler. Definitely, this number will differ based on your storage needs. A good rule of the thumb is to take into consideration your current wine cooling needs as well as any long term expansion plans. Wine being a classy beverage, it’s very common for a regular wine drinker turn into a wine aficionado over a period of time. You will find all sorts of storage capacities in the market – Wine chillers that can accommodate under 10 bottles and go up to 250+ bottles. So, ensure to take a good look at your inventory, future requirements and decide on the storage capacity for the best wine refrigerator.

Along with your storage capacity, you should be aware of the different types:

Built In -> They’re made to fit within a cabinet, with the most popular being under the cabinet
Counter Top -> Compact and efficient, they’re the perfect solution for storing a small number of bottles
Free Standing -> Generally have a large storage capacity along with exceptional performance

2. Location & Your Wine Cooler

One of the big factors that can impact your choice is the location for your wine refrigerator

location wine coolerIndoors – can be your living area, kitchen or may be your bedroom. You would definitely want it to be aesthetic as it will add to the design of your overall furniture. In this case, it’s best to opt for a thermoelectric system as they’re known to be quieter, energy efficient and vibration free. No vibration means the sediments in your wine will not be disturbed

Outdoors – can be your garage, basement or utility area. As opposed to indoors, you would be interested in performance rather than noise as there can be a drastic fluctuation in temperature outdoors . You can opt for a vapor compressor system which works similar to normal refrigerators.  These have a strong compressor system ensuring the temperature remains consistent irrespective of the surroundings outside

3. Temperature Control & Features

dual temperature zoneTemperature is the most critical storing factor which should be given prime importance. It has been scientifically proven, if wine bottles are stored at an incorrect temperature – it can result in a chemical reaction that can deteriorate the character and quality of wine. The temperature for storing wine should always be between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

Did you know that white and red wines need to be stored at different temperatures to maintain its quality! And what if you would like to store both these wines in your wine cooler. Keeping this need in mind, manufacturers have come up with single zone wine coolers & dual zone wine coolers.

Single Temperature Zone – Using a single thermostat, this unit will maintain a single temperature throughout the unit and will be useful if you plan to store a single kind of wine or different varieties of wines that need to be stored in similar temperatures. This would make a good bet if you’re new in the wine world and like to sip into one variety of wine only.

Dual Temperature Zone – Red and white wine bottles need to be stored at different temperatures. Now, if you’re a wine connoisseur and would like to store two kinds of wines – you should opt for dual temperature zone coolers. A dual cooler will have two thermostats for independent compartments or will have independent thermostats for wine racks within compartments where temperatures are either colder (towards the bottom) or warmer (towards the top).

Ideal Wine Storage Temperatures

Red: 55-60 degrees F
White: 49-56 degrees F
Rose: 49-51 degrees F
Sparking: 40-49 degrees F

4. Shelving

shelvingOne of the other major features to consider is the shelving of your wine refrigerator. A common problem that many consumers face is that the height between shelves is not sufficient to hold the number of bottles per shelf as claimed by the manufacturer as the bottles generally have a larger diameter than planned for. Also, it’ll be a good idea to check the width of each shelve as you’ll get an idea about the number of bottles you’ll be able to store.

Shelves that are generally available from most manufacturers are made from aluminum and are chrome plated or made of wood with a sliding out option for easy wine selection that may or may not be adjustable.

5. Other Details

There are quite a few other details that we’ve listed below that you should look for before buying the wine chiller. They might not be as important as the ones mentioned above but definitely make a huge difference and will impact your purchase decision

a. Doors – Some wine fridge cabinets in the market come with an reversible door option which means that you have the option of changing the direction the door will swing. So, if you’re looking for one with a reversible option – ensure you read the features before finalizing the deal

b. Indoor Lighting – Look for internal LED light which helps showcase your collection and select your wines easily. Avoid the wine cabinets which come with a regular bulb as they will create heat and ultimately impact your wine drastically

c. Safety Locking System – Have kids at home or just want to ensure the safety of your wine collection to give you peace of mind. A locking system is not a default feature in all models but many of them have them. Ensure to look out for this feature before the purchase

d. Tinted Glass – A tint will protect your wine from external harsh rays and light. Most wine coolers have tinted glass so that your wine is protected from this potential harm.

e. Double Paned Glass – All wine chillers come with a thermopane glass which keeps the internal temperature at a desired output without much fluctuation. This ultimately makes it more energy efficient and saves you electricity.

We hope  you enjoyed reading this guide & it has helped make your purchase decision easier. Do remember that, if you love drinking wine on a regular basis, a wine cooler is a great investment as you can store your wine bottles in the right temperature and humidity.

Storing your wine bottles in the right manner helps keep your wine happy & healthy. In addition, they add a modern sleek look and are an excellent decorative option for your home or office.

You can always read our indepth wine cooler reviews on the right of this page to get an in depth idea of the best ranked coolers in the market.